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Member of NJI, Nederlandse Jachtbouw Industrie

Brasker Masten: Spirit of tradition and Innovation

Brasker Masten is a well known Dutch trade mark with a long lasting and sound international reputation. It is specialized in building wooden mast and spars like booms, bowsprits, gaffs and yards for sailing dinghies, day sailors, barges up to large seaworthy clippers and schooners.

Almost every wooden mast or spar is different and therefore unique. We invite you for a visit to our facilities and like to show you how we build our quality products. We can discuss all the details. Do you want to race in front or looking for a robust look. Through our specialisation the sailor can count on a sustainable product. Not only good looking, but also a safe product with a optimized construction.
Recognising the great importance of climate control, Ventis has built a brand new (2008)  production facility specially designed for manufacturing of spars. It is of great importance to control the temperature (and relative humidity) during the process of timber handling, glueing and varnishing. The new workshop is equipped with a floor heating system in order to maintain the optimal production conditions. The heat necessary for climate control is taken from the IJsselmeer right in front of the shipyard via a heat pump system. Therefore this is a low-CO2 and environmental friendly facility. This is also in agreement with the People, Planet, Profit company policy of Ventis. For more references one is invited to take a look at the websites www.ventis.nl and www.braskermasten.nl or even better, visit the shipyard prior to any project with us.

Brasker Masten streep
Vlakwater 7 • 1601 EV • Enkhuizen • Holland • +31 (0)228 32 20 31 • info@braskermasten.nl
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