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News 2012-2013

autumn 2013

Brasker Masten: 2013 nieuwe mast voor 8mR "Saskia"

Like previous years Brasker Masten will join the METS, a business to business tradeshow for marine professionals. For a free visit, register yourself on the site www.metstrade.com

We would like to welcome you on our stand 01.438.

summer 2013

Brasker Masten: 2013 nieuwe mast voor 8mR "Saskia"
The english 8mR "Saskia" got a new Brasker Mast. Here she is sailing at the Panarai Classic Yacht Challenge 2013 in Cowes, United Kingdom. She won six prices, including overall winnaar and "Je ne sais quoi" price. Together with our colleagues of De Haas RVS, Touchwood and Tuned rigs&ropes we're very proud of that.
Foto: Panarai, voor meer zie www.paneraiclassicyachtschallenge.com

mei 2013

Brasker Masten: Artikel in Yacht Classic over Brasker Masten
In the German magazine Yacht Classic a nice article about Brasker Masten.
See: www.yacht.de
Click on the image for a Pdf of the article.

april 2013

For Schooner "Elena" Brasker made new mast hoops. In this little movie you can clearly see how a long piece of wood comes out of the steamingbox and is fixed around a round wheel.

april 2013

Two masts on transport

On one and the same day two Brasker Masts went on transport. The first is a 20 metre long skûtsje mast. Made of Oregon Pine, with Western Red Cedar inside, but also stiff Cumaru to strengthen the mast.
The second mast is for a new Lemsteraak,
which is made of Sitka Spruce.

november 2012 Maintenance of the spars of schooner "Elena" in San Remo, Italy

Brasker Masten: maintenance of the spars of  schooner Elena in San Remo, Italy
The spars of schooner "Elena" have a hard time during racing and need big maintenance. On the roof of a shipyard at the harbour of San Remo, Italy, they are inspected and repaired.
Brasker Masten: maintenance of the spars of  schooner Elena in San Remo, Italy

november 2012: Klassieke Schepenbeurs and METS

Brasker Masten: METS in Amsterdam 2012
At the METS (Rai Amsterdam) we have the smallest stand, but are the only one with wooden spars!
Our new table (a small variant of the former one) gets a lot of admiration.
Brasker Masten: new table for stand at the METS in Amsterdam 2012
Brasker Masten: Klassieke Schepenbeurs in Enkhuizen 2012
At the 'Klassieke Schepenbeurs' in Enkhuizen the modelpieces of our spars attract a lot of attention.

Broken mast? Repair is possible!

Brasker Masten: to repair a broken mast is sometimes very well possible
Look on page Wooden Spars-broken mast for more pictures of a mastrepair. Read more...

september 2012

Brasker Masten: Schooner Elena impresses at St Tropez with extra long boom
Schooner "Elena" with long boom of 25 metre
At Les Voiles de St. Tropez Schooner "Elena" impresses with the extra long boom, made by Brasker Masten. It sticks out above the quay and one has to be careful of the lampposts!

The new bowsprit (see below) stands proud.
Brasker Masten:new bowsprit for schooner Elena at Les Voiles de St. Tropez

autumn 2012

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august 2012

Ballet at the masts workshop

Commisioned by the Schooner "Elena" Brasker Masten makes an extra long boom of sitka spruce. We are talking about a length of 26 meter and a diameter of 51 cm!
The long parts have to be inverted and that is only possible by picking it up (with 5 men), walk outside, turn on the street and walk back again. A realy nice ballet!

may 2012
Brasker Masten: "Svanevit" heeft nieuwe Brasker Mast
Both the masts of the German "Svanevit" as the Austrian "Bera" (both 8mR class)are ready and are placed on the yachts. Read more...
Nieuwe Brasker Mast voor 8mR "Bera"

april 2012

Brasker Masten: Classic Boat-dec 2011-artikel over "Germania Nova"
In Spiegel der Zeilvaart (2012 nr.4): a nice article about "Germania Nova".
Click on image to see a Pdf of the article.

march 2012

Brasker Masten: masten voor 8mR klasse

Brasker Masten makes also "ordinary" beautiful masts
Recently a client asked if we also make ordinary masts, for barges and flatbottoms. They got the impression from our website that we only produce for the big schooners or the one-designclasses.
But of course we make masts for smaller boats! This spring we made spars for about 10 flatbottoms. Very beautiful, with a high quality and obviously competitive.
Here you see the "Raagskop", satisfied with a nice new Brasker Mast.

march 2012

Brasker Masten: masten voor 8mR klasse

During the winter we produced or repaired a lot of masts for flatbottom boats.

february 2012

Brasker Masten: masten voor 8mR klasse

Some 8mR sailingyachts, like "Svanevit", "Berra" and "Conewago", are getting new masts. This means international cooperation: design from Juliana Hempel (Switzerland), bras fittings from Dauelsberg (Germany) and wood from Touchwood (Alaska).

Brasker Masten: masten voor de 8mR klasse


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