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News 2014-2015

november 2015

METS 2015
Brasker Masten has the most beautiful little stand of the METS: 01.410.

Brasker Masten: METS 2015
Brasker Masten: METS 2015

zomer 2015

6mR " Bobkat II"
A beautiful new Sitka Spruce mast for 6mtr "Bobkat II", dated 1931. Together with riggingcompany Tuned Rigs & Ropes delivered on time for the World Championship in La Trinité sur Mer.

Brasker Masten: mast for 6mtr "Bobkat II"
Brasker Masten: mast for 6mtr "Bobkat II"
Advantage of a hollow mast: the lines run inside.

voorjaar 2015

Lemsteraak " 't Swarte Schaep"
For this match barge, Brasker Masten makes: mast, boom, gaff and bowsprit.

Brasker Masten: mast, boom, gaff and bowsprit for macth bargek
The mast is too long for the picture.
Brasker Masten: mast, boom, gaff and bowsprit for macth barge
Mounting the fittings on the mast of " 't Swarte Schaep".

november 2014

Saint-Tropez 2014
Schooner "Elena" during Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez.

Brasker Masten: Schooner "Elena" in Saint-Tropez, 2014
Brasker Masten: storing Yards at Schooner "Elena", Saint-Tropez 2014
Storing of the yards is teamwork.

november 2014

Brasker Masten stand 01.410 op METS 2014
18 t/m 20 november 2014 Brasker Masten is present on the METS, Rai, Amsterdam.

Would you like to visit us, please follow this link to register: - REGISTER HERE -

Brasker Masten: stand 01.410 op METS 2014

august 2014

A mast of more than 40 metres
Brasker Masten and Ventis Scheepstimmerwerk are very proud to announce that it has been contracted by Holland Jachtbouw to build the masts and spars of their new project. Total length of this schooner is 60 metres and main lower mast will be over 40 metres tall. This size wooden mast hasn’t been built in the world last 10 years. We already purchased appr 55 m3 of the finest old growth timber for all spars. After building the spars for “Elena”, “Atlantic”, “Germania Nova” and many classic racers, this will be a challenge to build stronger, stiffer and lighter.
A project like this you don’t do on your own. This cooperation includes Touchwood BV, John Lammerts van Bueren and Stones Marine Timber for their finest straight grain Spruce and Oregon Pine; Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects and Cadhead and fitting producer De Haas RVS.

Brasker Masten: 40 meter lange mast voor nieuw te bouwen Schoener


Nautisch Enkhuizen.nl starts
When in Enkhuizen the watersporter who needs help can find that at Nautisch Enkhuizen. It offers a platform of all watersportcompanies of Enkhuizen.


Brasker Masten: Nautisch Enkhuizen

spring 2014

A new mast of 16 metres for Finnish "Ursula"
For a large Scherenkruiser from Finland Brasker Masten made a beautiful mast and boom. Sitka Spruce and bronze fittings make an elegant and strong total. Look als: Nice projects, " Ursula".

Brasker Masten: nieuwe mast voor Scherenkruiser "Ursula"
Brasker Masten: nieuwe mast voor Scherenkruiser "Ursula" Brasker Masten: nieuwe mast voor Scherenkruiser "Ursula"

march 2014

Runner Up Classic Boat Award for "Saskia"
The English magazine Classic Boat awarded the restoration of 8MR "Saskia" with the second prize, the so-called Runner Up.

Brasker Masten: Classic Boat Runner Up prijs voor 8mR "Saskia"


march 2014: HISWA Klassiek

Brasker Masten: 2013 nieuwe mast voor 8mR "Saskia"
Brasker Masten: 2013 nieuwe mast voor 8mR "Saskia"
The yearly Klassieke Schepenbeurs (Classic Boat Fair in Enkhuizen) is transferred to the HISWA Amsterdam. During this public exhibition, the "classic" participants had their own corner. Brasker Masten / Ventis stood there with a stand, with a beautiful wooden appearance.
In addition to a model of a 8MR mast there was also a model for a flatbottom mast, with a small gaff and boom.


february 2014

Brasker Masten: Artikel in Spiegel der Zeilvart over Brasker Masten
In magazine "Spiegel der Zeilvaart" 2014-02 an extensive article about the new mast and restoration of 8MR "Saskia", which was completed last year.

Click on image for a PDF of the article.


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